Logistics & Supply Chain plays a very crucial role in any industry. It has direct effect on the PRICE and on the EFFICIENCY of any industrial operation. Distribution cost is becoming THE deciding factor in determining the market boundaries for any industry. The speed of operation of the underlying transportation is very critical in the total working of any industry in such a scenario; it pays to be very precise in selecting a logistics company that can adhere to all the requirements to fulfill all your objectives.

RNS LOGISTICS is a total logistics company covering the whole spectrum of AIR, SEA, RAIL and ROAD logistics services. The major activities of the organization cover various disciplines of cargo handling including Freight Forwarding, Customs Clearance, Primary and Secondary Transportation and Material Handling, Warehousing and Warehouse Management. Our Motto is “Commitment beyond Excellence” defines our total approach in our objective and customer care.

RNS LOGISTICS is a privately owned company with a reputation of providing outstanding quality that continues to secure a loyal customer base. The company has developed a strong, young management team committed to work within established quality procedures to provide each customer with the most reliable personalized services and dedicated to continuous development of both our people and our service.

At RNS, our aim is to develop an efficient professional approach in meeting requirements laid before us and formulate a service package that would be ideal to the customer's interest, specifications and budget. RNS values the trust shown by its clients and all individuals at RNS work hard to live up to that anticipation. Thanks to the continued benefaction of our esteemed clients, we at RNS are growing up to become one of the leading logistics company providing total logistics solutions.

Expertise is playing an increasingly important role in global logistics- knowing what and how to do at each point in the logistics chain. Given our association with various companies in different sectors, we have build up an expertise in handling logistics against each and every requirement. RNS is totally committed to modern technology and ready to meet the present day challenges of the Logistics & Supply Chain Revolution.