Headquartered at Kolkata we are having our own offices in all major cities of the country. Warehouses are also available in all important places of every part of our country.

The warehouses will be well equipped with the state of art facilities for communication. The warehouses will be equipped with computer and communication facilities including fax, Internet, etc to facilitate instant efficient and reliable interoffice communication.

Our Senior Management Team are having adequate Logistics Background and understands the sensitivity of the materials being handled and appreciates the importance of prompt services is a Key to the Industry.

We believe in the concept of “Doing Things - First Time Right” with complete empowerment of Key Personnel for Fast and effective Decision Making.

We believe in providing Customized Services rather than following Standard Practices and ensure complete hygiene, safety and security of both Material and Human Assets, maintain complete transparency in all our transactions and have open communication channels to all Senior Management Team.